American Medical Transcription is a well-established transcription service based in San Antonio, Texas.  We have been providing quality transcription services statewide to medical and dental establishments since 1990.  We are designed to meet all of your transcription needs.  It takes a fraction of the time to dictate patient correspondence, or other material, than it does to hand write it out.  It is now becoming mandatory by health insurance companies to dictate complete patient information instead of handwriting them.  Valuable time is saved dictating medical reports instead of writing them, time that can be spent treating additional patients.

American Medical Transcription

ATTN:  Donna Horton

Office:  210.533.4422

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P.O. Box 591355

San Antonio, Texas 78259

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If you would like information about being an independent contractor with AMT, please send your resume to:  A minimum of 5 years of experience is required


We are always accepting qualified resumes.

Text Box: We do NOT outsource any of our work.  
It all stays within AMT.
It always has and it always will.